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    the Boss To Go™ Plus

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    the Boss To Go™ Plus

    The Super Personal Blender that uses a powerful 1000 watt motor and Breville’s Kinetix blending action to blend up to 42% finer* so it makes boosting nutrition more enjoyable than ever.

    The unique Smooth Edge Tumblers have no sharp external threads or notches around the tumbler rim so you get a nicer drinking experience.

    Smoother smoothies from a smoother cup.

    *Than some other blenders. Test conducted at University of Sydney, June 2015 using the same amounts of Kale and water. Results showed average particle sizes from the Breville Boss To Go as being up to 27% finer than the NutriNinja BL480 and up to 42% finer than the Nutribullet NBR-1207M (600w). Ingredients were blended for 60 seconds in all blenders and the “Ultra Blend” mode was used on the NutriNinja. The Breville Boss To Go may not produce finer results than all Personal Blenders on the market or when using different types of ingredients. Results will vary based on blending time and other variables. Click here for further information – HERE

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